NC #7 Point Round Liner
Nouveau Contour 7 Point Round Liner - (Shader) - Very soft eyeliner or for filling in a wide eyeliner that has been outlined, (refer to Beau videos), creates a soft smudgy effect as a double eyeliner on both top and bottom lids, Very soft Brows, soft lipline, can be used for areola and camouflage, but generally flat or magnum configurations are preferred. Again, the more needles the more blunt, so this needle is great when you want a soft airbrushed appearance. Movement: Can be used in a drawing movement or a circular motion. Brows will always be hair strokes. 15 Individually sealed needles per box . These cartridges are for the Intelligent and Digital 600, 700 or 1000 machines. Please note: The Beau Institute only ships to the contiguous continental United States ONLY!
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NC #7 Point Round Liner

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